Platform for Social Impact

Ebony Lynk, co-founder of Mallard Express Logistics and Transport (MELT) spent several years as an outreach and engagement case manager in the non-profit and health and human services sector.  In this role, Ebony witnessed first-hand the correlation between quality of life and socioeconomic status.  It became clear that individuals and families in disadvantaged communities had limited access to vital resources, and opportunities for economic and social advancement.  Mallard Express Logistics and Transport believes in the significance of social responsibility and aims to use our business as a platform to affect change and social impact in needy communities.

Paying It Forward

Project M.E.L.T was launched in an effort to Manifest Empowerment Love and Togetherness in communities that desperately need equitable and easy access to vital social services and resources. Project M.E.L.T is a unique program that allows our company to pay it forward and inspire others to support and uplift disadvantaged communities.

How We M.E.L.T

We M.E.L.T by supporting individuals and non-profit organizations that are manifesting empowerment, love, and togetherness in communities that lack resources - and opportunities for social and economic advancement.  Homelessness, gang violence, unemployment, low-income, hunger, poor literacy rates, and recidivism are common issues that plague the communities we aim to support.  If you or your organization support communities in need...Mallard Express Logistics and Transport would be honored to support your efforts though our Project M.E.L.T program.  We can do so in the following ways:

  •      Volunteering
  •      In-Kind donations
  •      Charitable cash contributions
  •      Limited event sponsorship

pay it forward goals april 2019-april 2020

1,000 Volunteer Hours

Our goal is to support organizations by providing 1,000 hours of volunteer service.

$1000 Charitable Donations

Our goal is to support organizations and their efforts to provide vital services and resources by providing in-kind donations or charitable cash contributions totaling $1000 in value.

10 Community Partnerships

Our goal is to partner with at least 10 individuals or non-profit organizations that are supporting communities in need.

Volunteer Progress

65 Hours

As of July 2019

Charitable Donation Progress


As of July 19

Total Community Partnerships


As of July 2019

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