melt the road for mallard express logistics and transport


Company Drivers

We recognize that Drivers are the backbone of the trucking industry.  In knowing this, we uphold our Drivers in the highest regard and treat them with the utmost respect.  We appreciate the value our Drivers bring to the company, and strive to keep happy and healthy Drivers on the road.


Please download the Driver Job Description for more information about positions and requirements.


Drivers have access to healthcare reimbursement options, safety bonuses, and healthy meal prep for long haul trips.

WellPerks Program

We highly promote self-care and wellness in all areas of life at Mallard Express Logistics and Transport. We recognize that happy and healthy drivers create safe drivers.  Safety is a top priority and we created WellPerks as an incentive program for our drivers.  Ample home time, gym membership discounts, massage therapy, and access to other resources is available to our drivers through the WellPerks program.

How To Apply

Please download the Driver Survey and email to for review.