administrative support team


Administrative Assistant

Our Administrative Assistant works hand in hand with the Chief Operations Officer/Operations Manager to support general administrative tasks.  This role is extremely important for the growth and sustainability of the company.


Our Dispatchers serve as liaisons between our drivers and third party brokers and/or shippers.  Dispatchers are the pulse of our operations and ensures our team is upholding high standards of service excellence and accountability.

Meal Prep Consultants

We provide our long haul drivers with pre-made meals to promote and encourage healthy eating on the road.  Our Meal Prep Consultants are an important part of our commitment to our drivers and responsibility to employ safe, healthy, and reliable drivers.


Please download the Administrative Support Job Description for more information about positions and requirements.

Benefits and WellPerks Program

The Administrative Support team has access to healthcare reimbursement options and productivity bonuses. *Not available for Meal Prep Consultants.

We highly promote self-care and wellness in all areas of life at Mallard Express Logistics and Transport. We recognize that happy and healthy employees are more productive and experience more job satisfaction.  We created WellPerks as an incentive program for our support staff.  Gym membership discounts, massage therapy, and access to other resources is available to our Administrative Support team and Meal Prep Consultants through the WellPerks program.  

How To Apply

Please download the Administrative Support Survey and email to for review.